Common Crypto Terms

Updated: Feb 8

Like most spaces (stock market, sports, business), the Cryptocurrency community has their own slang/jargon which they use to communicate with one another. To newbies this jargon can sound like an alien language but understanding these terms will help you to interact in communities and groups on applications such as discord, where these terms are commonly used. There are a large number of different terms, varying from community to community. However, here are a few of the basics to get you started.

“MOONING” OR “TO THE MOON” - When a cryptocurrency dramatically rises in value

“To the moon” is a term commonly used in the Crypto space by people who believe that a certain Cryptocurrency is soon to skyrocket in value.

“FOMO” - Fear Of Missing Out

When someone makes an irrational trading decision based on the fear of missing out on gains. For example someone may hear that bitcoin is going to reach 1 million dollars so they buy at an all time high only for the market to sell off resulting in a loss.

“HODL” - Hold On For Dear Life

Originally a misspelling of “hold”, HODL means to hold onto a coin no matter the market conditions in the hope for a bullish future.

“FUD” - Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

The crypto market is very emotional, causing market sentiment to shift a lot. FUD is when people spread fear surrounding a cryptocurrency causing its value to decrease and usually benefitting the group that spread the FUD.

“DYOR” - Do Your Own Research

Usually a reminder to make sure to research a cryptocurrency for yourself rather than purchasing it solely based on another investor's recommendation.

“REKT” - To lose a large amount on a coin that has dropped in value

When somebody purchases a cryptocurrency with hopes of making large amounts of profit but instead the coin sells off hard resulting in a massive loss.

“SATS” - Short for Satoshis

The smallest unit of bitcoin, equal to 0.00000001 BTC

“NO COINER” - Someone who owns no Cryptocurrency

A no coiner is somebody who owns no cryptocurrency, more than likely calling it a “scam” or a “bubble”.

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