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Situated in West Sussex, the Cryptoverse HQ is now open to our students. The Cryptoverse trading floor is an open space for all levels of traders. Offering a professional environment, surrounded by like minded people, Cryptoverse provides this space for serious traders who want to expand on their skills and network with one another. With the current success of the trading floor; Cryptoverse students have not just gained knowledge in Crypto trading but developed skills in Forex and property markets, with each individual bringing their own experiences and expertises to the trading floor. 

Each trading set up is fully equipped with dual screen monitors & a high speed HDR desktop. The large desk gives each trader enough room to bring an extra laptop/notebook or anything else you may need. Students receive 1 to 1 support from our head trader, as well as having access to the trading floor 5 days a week. As spaces are limited we are taking applications for our waiting list. If you meet our criteria you will be selected to come onto our trading floor. 

Create your own fortune inside the Cryptoverse. 


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Cryptoverse is a educational company specialising in Blockchain Tech & Cryptography patterns. 
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